Its Deja Vu All Over Again

Morning Runner seem destined to be forever linked to Coldplay. Signed to the same record label, support slots on major tours, piano led-plaintive songs and lazy journalists linking them together, the comparisons are hard to shake off with every listen.

For Parlophone, its probably handy to have a few reserves for their big player but for the band themselves, they may find the early promotional push this has brought them strangles them with unreal expectations.

New single 'Be All You Want Me To Be' is fine. The drums lead impressively, the vocals soar at times and the piano tinkles and fills throughout the track. It's a good enough song and it should fill a gap on the Radio 2 play list.

Its just you never get the sense that this song, or the band, will be the one that's going to affect your life or change your mood. And when you're competing with bands that have anthems at every angle, a sense of under whelming is the lasting impression from this release. Morning Runner are a competent new band but it's just all being done better by a lot of other bands at the moment.