Dead 60s - Ghost Faced Killer

I wanted so much to hate this single. I've heard much about the Dead 60s, mostly claiming that they're a revolutionary band mixing old school two tone ska with the modern indie vibe. Now there's nothing wrong with either, but in my mind putting the two together would be like Marilyn Manson collaborating with Steps, simply hideous. My previous experiences with the band had been mediocre at best and so it was with a hesitant scowl that I pressed play on my CD player...

But how wrong I had been! The track starts with a trademark two tone shout: 'Return of the Ghost Faced Killer!' and slips straight into a skankable off beat guitar riff and a steady walking bassline, not the most inventive fretwork but it serves its purpose. The real genius comes from the synth line which backs up the rhythm section throughout the track. It sounds like a 70s style Hammond organ that's been souped up 90s psychadelia style and then transported to 2005, it really helps to gell the track together and provides a great hook in the chorus. It reminds you of the 60s and 70s ska bands but still keeps that modern vibe.

The production of the track is also expertly done, at first it sounds like The Specials have just released a comeback single (and a damn good one at that), but then you start to hear the subtleties in the delays and synth work which help to turn the track from a catchy ska tune into a more chart-acceptable single.

I have to say even if you know nothing of Madness or The Specials you'll still love this track and hopefully it'll open more people's ears to the world of ska. Well done the Dead 60s!