An Eclectic EP

'Defibrilator' is the perfect title for Napoleon IIIrd's first track on this EP which starts off like someone has let a drummer loose on one of those keyboards with crazy sounds, it's a terrifying mix of messed up urban beats and rich samples. As soon as Napoleon cuts in there's a bit more coherence thankfully and his Leeds accent gives a strange sense of fragility to the sweet melody spilling over the cut up samples and staggered sounds.

The next tune 'The Casual Tourist' begins after a sample of the sound of flowing water and someone messing about with some tools, the same noises continue but a heady, rich vocal melody and ruminating guitar filters into the background. The song transforms after a minute or so into an elegant urban affair with male and female vocals intertwining above a very emphatic drum machine. There's an awkward sense of tenderness; it's usually the kind of melody that would lull you a little, but the drum machine keeps you firmly wide-awake.

'Guys In Bands' has a more trippy feel as the pace picks up to a merry marching-band speed and feel with mellow lyrics, "Guys in bands get girls", which then allow for a little brass reflection. In places it sounds like Bob Dylan sped up 100 times and with added lucidity from the swirling brass and synth, but mostly it's just very spaced out and calming.

Finally, the last offering of modern genius from Napoleon IIIrd, 'In Business We Are Resigned' has the doubled up, chilled vocal quality of The Beach Boys, but it sounds as though they're floating effortlessly through space, and then a Justin Hawkins falsetto kicks in and it all goes a bit Polyphonic Spree! Napoleon IIIrd certainly produces unique sounding tunes that intrigue the listener and leave you asking "what?" but definitely wanting more.