Magic strings pulled by Rise Against

Arguably, Rise Against are the best punk band to come out of America since the hey day of Bad Religion and Rancid- they hold fans in Pennywise, the aforementioned and many more for their explosive and energetic delivery of intelligent and brilliantine punk songs. So why then, would a song, acoustic, melodic, heartfelt in a completely different direction draw such approval from such a hardened crowd?

'Swing Life Away' is a story that anyone and every one who has ever lived their life from a suitcase - be it the business man who does not see his family, the orphan, the touring musician missing something- will be able to relate to. Regardless of what you think of the change of pace, the lyrics will draw resonance with anyone who has ever felt they've lost touch with something or someone they've loved, or have given their all for a dream. Carrying the same appeal and debate as 'Good Riddance' by Green Day - it is an acoustic ballad that transcends the genre and crosses over with that universal appeal, and is completely unapologetic bare and truthful, drawing into question where the true ability lies in this band.

This, with intricate guitar work and softened vocals shows their talent in this sector compared to that of their usual pulse and explode at all hours trade, and it will make you pause for thought for a moment, or maybe more if you fit the description.