For the Stereophonics, 2005 has been about creating the type of music they wanted, the type of music they enjoyed. As a result, Kelly Jones and the boys have recaptured their grittier, dirtier and some what rougher style that we have previously seen hints of in 'Madame Helga' and 'Mr Writer'. 'Rewind' is no exception. Teasingly opening with a simple but addictive guitar riff before Kelly's dejected vocals start, 'Rewind' progresses steadily with a single drumbeat before taking off at full flight. A song that questions whether we would change our lives if we could "rewind" time, it is aptly suited to the gravely tones of Kelly Jones. With such a distinctive voice, Kelly is able to portray a multitude of emotions whilst conviction seeps from every word. 'Rewind' is the Stereophonics at their best. It is a song that embraces the true sound of the band - engaging, captivating and with a dose of sadness added for good measure.

As the name suggests, 'Hammerhead' is a pounding number that drives full pelt into you. Although not on the same par as 'Rewind', it still retains a certain degree of appeal. Dominated by a pulsating bass line and thumping drum beat, 'Hammerhead' does exactly what it says on the label. The downfall is its inclusion next to a song with the calibre of 'Rewind'. In comparison, 'Hammerhead' is lyrically inferior and ultimately projects all the attributes of any average 'B' side on a single. Having been tantalized with 'Rewind' and shown how great the Stereophonics can be, 'Hammerhead' simply pales in significance.