A perfect symmetry of sound.

Every so often an alternative band roll around sporting really intriguing music that is incredibly difficult to divide into just one simple genre, simply because their sound is indefinable, it displays attributes of many other genres whose styles bounce off of one another in such a manner that the music becomes almost spellbinding. It's these bands that create real waves of interest, intrigue and the new single from Union Of Knives displays just this exact quality. The first track 'Evil Has Never...' kicks in with warped and distorted riffs pumped from synths and bass as a trance-like and monotone male vocalist hovers above the sound, joined later on by an airy and light female vocalist. The music itself has an upbeat enough rhythm to make the listener want to dance along with this but the oddly chilled and melancholic mode and key to the song is so reminiscent to Indie that it's hard to pinpoint exactly what the artist had been intending to do with the messy structure. The sound of the track itself is so intertwined and busy with a great many layers working with each other to create a maze of music that resembles the aural equivalent of mind-mess.

The rhythms are incredibly complex, pulling influence and structures from so many genres to become one huge and unlabelled style that is refreshing and intriguing to hear and very unique to the band, yet it does become heavily repetitive especially on the second track 'Operated On' and as the bass tends to drone on in a monotone fashion, it can quickly wear on the listener. At the same time, 'Operated On' is the easier of the two to get into, having a real dark but upbeat set of rhythms and chord progressions and being a little more up-tempo, the trance and dance-like qualities are certainly more prominent here. Union Of Knives are definitely an interesting band full of promise that will do well on club dance floors but tend to be difficult to get into at first due to the complexity of their sound. However, after a few listens their charm and unique sound should not fail to become popular.