A New Year has brought about the release of the third track off the album 'Lullabies To Paralyse'and I am very sure that it will light up the begining of the year so much.

'Burn The Witch' kicks off with a whispering chant from Billy F Gibbons before quickly decending into a comfortably dark and dirty feast of blues rock. With soft vocals, heavy bass beats and thumping drums, has the feel of being on a march. But hey no complaints here. One of the best songs I have heard in ages and beats a lot of the pap in the charts.

This is a mighty fine single, a great new release for the New Year and one worth having for the collection, especially if you get the video that comes with Parental Guidance. Lets just say blood and gore, winged skeletons, beheadings, blood drinking and witch baiting all set as black and white b movie. Just reminded me of your average night out in Manchester!