beyond all reason

Cripes, I thought I'd been run over by a car and ended up in the Eighties. Beyond All Reason have CLASSIC ROCK written all over them. Wonderfully refreshing a world where bands with shouty gorillas as frontmen are the norm in rock.

Considering 'Love Crossed Pistols' is the first single by these little Yorkies, I'm well impressed (although they've had 10 years to get this far). It invokes images of those Gods of ROCK like Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy. The voice of young Mister Ventress (not him from Heartbeat) is remarkably Ian Astbury from the Cult. It has plenty of the old welly, I can tell you!
Chuck all that together and you've got a completely ROCKTASTIC sound. If the album (Words Of Betrayal) delivers more of the same then prepare to rock out big time!

They're getting rave reviews and support from all over the place. They are gonna be big. VERY BIG.