Freelance Hellraiser Want You To Know

Want You To Know is the first single from Freelance Hellraiser's debut album. A London DJ who first came under the spotlight for producing bootlegs and remixes, his early work included a reworking of The Strokes 'Hard to Explain' and Christina Aguilera's 'Genie In a Bottle' which was a hit on the Q television channel.

On first listen, without any prior knowledge of his work, the first track 'Want You to Know' sounds like a quintessential British Indie band, a sedated track with a mellow dance beat. Actually it sounds reminiscent of Moby's 'Play' album in terms of comparable artists.

Upon listening to the second track 'Pound for Pound' this is where Mr Hellraiser gives us a taste of his diversity as it sounds completely different to 'Want You to Know', opting for a much more 80's/electro feel, it could perhaps be mistaken for artists such as Basement Jaxx and the Chemical Brothers.

Available through Ugly Truth Records, Freelance Hellraiser is definitely worth a listen if you like dance music with more versatility than your average Ibiza club track.