Louie, Louie have we met before?

Somewhere between the New York Dolls, Towers of London and Dirty Pretty Things you will find Louie. Very much one for the shaggy haired set, this is probably what Kings of Leon stick on at a show before they go on to get in their rocking and rolling mood. I bet they practice their sneers and disinterested supermodel baiting faces in the mirror whilst listening to this. And Strummer only knows how much hair product they use. I suppose if someone wanted to open for the Strokes before they started ripping off the Batman theme song really badly their band would sound a lot like the rollicking, punchy Louie.

Louie are just so very New York, without it's cooler than thou pretence or hype preceding ... They're just so energy filled and mood creating. I'm sure even the vapid Shoreditch scenesters would relay messages of this single and it's B sides to their really, rather cool friends and egg them to seek it out on rare vinyl pressings so they can boast about them at a Louie show. Which by the way would in all likelihood be intensely and sweatily disjointed and rammed with all of those dirty pretty hangers on who couldn't get on the guestlists for the aforementioned bands. You want a new hip band to go with your new vintage dress and ballet flats? You got them.