DIY Homicide

'Kill Your Own' is the first single from Hundred Reasons forthcoming album of the same name and the first material to hit the mainstream (Smith's cover song aside) since the ill fated, but I happen to think underrated, second album 'Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge'.

This is something of a departure in style for Hundred Reasons, it's difficult to define exactly what is different but perhaps it's a little more mature, a little more complex in structure, a touch rawer in production? That said it still has all the HR hallmarks, the big riff, the catchy anthemic chorus but it is different. Is it as good as all that has gone before? I honestly don't think you can compare this to the the material from the last two albums, on first listen I wasn't overly impressed but it's a solid grower and I have a sneaky feeling that 'Kill Your Own' will become a defining moment in the career of Hundred Reasons.

They couldn't go back to the sound of the first album and they certainly couldn't replicate the second and really, who would have been happy with either of those? There'd probably have been one more album and a finale, you can't knock a band for moving on and taking the next step. Hundred Reasons have done it and they've done it well, it just remains to be seen whether people will give the new HR time to grow on them, let's hope so.