Nice and Easy!

Former Easyworld frontman David Ford trades in angsty indie rock for acoustic balladeering here on new single "I Don't Care What You Call Me". Fans of Ford's previous output will no doubt be buoyed by the fact that lyrically "I.D.C.W.Y.C.M." deals with similar themes to those dissected to such grand effect on career high "This Is Where I Stand", namely relationships gone awry and the resultant emotional fall-out.

Ford is a master of the lacerating lyrical put down and few British songwriters can sing about crumbling relationships in such a 'heart on sleeve' manner. Musically this single is your competently played, standard singer-songwriter fare albeit with added country inflexions and some rather tasty backing vocals. Those who expected a return to the amped up sound of "Bleach" et al. may baulk at this release but Ford proves here that he's still more than capable of striking a killer emotional punch without needing to resort to brutal electric guitars.