Putting the Class into Classic Rock

A few seconds in and this track suggests that, despite the name, it's going to be something quite different from what it actually is. The bass line and drums combine to create a sound which you might expect Beck or Moby to use, however once the opening bars of 'Rock and Roll Part III' are complete, you're left in no doubt as to what sort of song this really is.

When writing a list of "things that must be included" if you wanted to create a stereotype rock track from the late eighties or early nineties, you'd make sure you had a speaker rippling beat, anthemic catchy chorus, ego driven guitar solo and of course, massive hair. This promo CD has no picture so I can't confirm the latter, and maybe the power air guitar moment would have been too obvious, but the first two on that list are certainly present and correct.

This track from Vanlustbader is a throwback fifteen or twenty years, but is not as cheesy as you might think from this review, and isn't as blatant as the approach the Darkness took when anybody with a pair of ears and a semi working knowledge of classic rock new what they were trying to do.

This is a strong single and I'm looking forward to hearing what else they have up their sleeve. This single is out now with the album following on April 3rd.