Another Franz Anthem

The thing that cannot be argued about Franz Ferdinand is their ability to write excellent singles. Not all are out of the top drawer, 'Do You Want To, didn't really grab me although it hasn't been helped by being played to death on the radio over the past few months, but 'The Fallen' is right back on form and is unquestionably one of their finest.

It opens recent album 'You Could Have It So Much Better', and is everything you'd expect from Franz Ferdinand when they're firing on all cylinders. It has that funk inspired bass line which will ensure this is a must for any alternative dancefloor. A simple yet effective guitar riff and chorus hook that will be engraved on the brain whether you like it or not; so liking it is clearly your best option.

Depending on which version of the single you get, you'll find the interesting Justice remix of 'The Fallen' as a bonus track, sounding very much like Daft Punk in all their quirky electronic effects glory.

It's difficult to say how big a hit 'The Fallen' will be as it is the third single from their latest album, for me this should have been the lead single: it's good enough!