The Best Track on the Album

Not before time! Hard-Fi are finally releasing what has become a real fans favourite and is the best track from their debut album 'Stars of CCTV'.

When I reviewed the album last June I described 'Better Do Better' as being a great example of the variety on offer, with reggae beats in the verses transforming into a catchy anthemic rock chorus that would be at home in Feeders repertoire. All of which makes it a surprise in my eyes that this track appears to be the final single to be lifted from the band's massive selling number one album and that it wasn't used earlier.

It's testimony to the strength and depth of radio friendly songs that Hard-Fi have up their sleeve; as although the album's title track is the most obvious, 'Better Do Better' is the one which stood out above the rest and I can't argue with the choice of any of the previous four which have been given single status, and can think of a couple more which would also have done the business.

Although they say they have tracks in the pipeline for their second record the band aren't slowing down on as far as playing live is concerned, given the demand to see them they would have been daft to have done so. Their forth-coming May UK tour sold out in minutes, and they have a number of festival appearances booked for this summer including Hi:Fi, V and Newcastle's free bank holiday Evolution outdoor event. To be honest right now this lot are unstoppable.

'Better Do Better' is released on April 10th.