Hope Of The States - Blood Meridian EP

After a two-year break Hope Of The States make a welcome return with the 'Blood Meridian EP' which is actually just a taster of their second album due for release in June.

Hope Of The States seem to have tightened their sound, and "Blood Meridian" seems like it's going to have a great deal of airplay just as 'The Red The White The Black The Blue' did previously. Sam Herlihy's vocals sound somewhat different on these tracks then on previous releases, but they contrast brilliantly with the vibrant guitars.

'Blood Meridian' lasts a mighty four minutes and sounds like it's a Placebo track, this is definitely the strongest track on the EP. This isn't a cheerful listen and the final track 'Drinkers On The Dry' is rather sombre, but the perfect closure.

It is a fantastic return and leaves us only imagining what the album will have in store for us in June but until then there are four great tracks on this EP to keep us going, unfortunately they will not feature on the upcoming album.