Another great track, all in a days work

On May 15th, Morning Runner will release the latest single from their fantastic debut album 'Wilderness Is Paradise Now'. If you're new to them then 'The Great Escape' will show you both sides of this band, Morning Runner the soft and melodic, and Morning Runner the powerful rock act.

Their last single 'Burning Benches' had a Coldplay feel to it, this one sits nicely alongside the acoustic driven summer rock that Supergrass were producing last year, however it takes that to another level. We're served up heavier choruses and vocals which have a really tangible passion behind them.

'The Great Escape' is a bit of a whirlwind track. It starts with a soft intimacy, drawing you in close to your stereo, but just as your sitting comfortably it builds into an energetic rock track. As you're getting used to the change and the fact that by the end it is a very different track from when it began, it stops so abruptly that you will instantly want to reach out to press the skip back button and go round for another listen.

Morning Runner are a band with a collection of very strong songs, making them a must see band this summer. Already they've been confirmed for the V Festival and Guilfest, as well as opening for Embrace on their forest tour in June.

They recently played the Camden Crawl in London, an event which in previous years has helped launch the likes of Snow Patrol, Maximo Park and Hard-Fi. With a single as strong as this there's every chance Morning Runner could mirror their success over the next twelve months.