'Our Darkest Days' Ignite's first album in 6 years

Ignite have been around forever and are still going strong. From Orange County, which is renowned for nurturing some of the greatest 'rock/punk/hardcore' bands today, you just know that a band who are friends with Terror and playing shows with Rise Against will be immense or at very least, promising.

I'm a little unsure of what 'Century Media Records' is or what other bands are on this label but I assume it's a label for the bigger, more experienced bands of the non-commercial scene. More than likely perfect for a band such as Ignite who just need that extra push for worldwide exposure. Now Ignite have a sound that's often associated with melodic hardcore somewhere between Satanic Surfers, Comeback Kid and Good Riddance. Personally I think this kind of music is refreshing from everything else that's currently surrounding the hardcore scene. Bands such as Set Your Goals, Ignite and the Fire Still Burns really infuse the beauty of emotional punk rock with the fury and passion of hardcore to create something refreshing and talented in a scene surrounded in crappy metal-core bands.

So the album cover for 'Our Darkest Days' is slightly deceiving since it's not the kind of cover you expect from a band like this. Yes I was stupid enough to be put off this album due to its cover. So when I finally had some time to listen to it, I was stoked by the introducing track and following track 'Bleeding.' Man if these first two tracks are anything to go by, putting this band in a small cramped room with a P.A and a positively fuelled crowd would certainly be one of the best DIY shows known to man. See the first 3 minutes of this album has to be one of the most amazing openings to an album ever, I cannot think of anything to compare it to. It beats the shit into Strung Out's 'Velvet Alley' or any way Propaghandi have opened their albums.

'Our Darkest Days' does in fact seem to decrease from there on. Yes it's a good album but it doesn't match up to an opening that should be put on 'officially the best opening ever.' From there on, there are songs you can point out as the token 'the acoustic song' or the 'emo song,' So there's certainly no specific concept to the album. The album ends on 'Live for Better Days,' which doesn't really fit with the rest of the album despite being a tune itself.

Being that it was 6 years since their last album, it's obvious that this is no repeat of 2000's 'A Place Called Home.' Naturally during that time, the band has grown individually and musically. One of my favourite songs is 'Poverty For All' which combines everything everyone loves about Bad Religion's material and Satanic Surfers into one track. Another track that caught my attention was the edgy 'Know Your History' that brings the gang vocals of the band to the spotlight. The song only lasts 2:13 but within time the band manage to capture a catchy chorus, a cheeky solo and some meaty gang vocals. It may have been 6 years in the making, but I would damn well be proud if I could create an album as exciting as this. Certainly one of the best albums I've heard this year.