Hope Returns

A leering thread of dark foreboding moves through this impulsive single with deep, gravelly vocals maintaining a constant driving pace as guitars chime away in the background. The chorus comes merely as a progression from the stern but catchy verse, earning only a little more despairing vocal urgence. Somehow Hope Of The States manage to mix the feeling of a furious track with a low-key and understated reality; there is no screaming, no shouting and no guitar carnage, but this tune thrusts its way through your head all the same.

Echoing vocals and steely guitarwork build up the edgy tension while the tune begins to resemble one of Iggy Pop's more mysterious and fractious efforts in more than just the deep, searching vocals. Crisp and slick production aids the cutting edge of menacing tone in this great single which bodes extremely well for the band's album which will be released later this month.