My Passion - Bitter Too

Rising dark glam stars My Passion release their new single "Bitter Too", it seems these guys are planning on dragging the scene out of the shadows and in to the glittering spot light.

"Bitter Too" is a great tune; it has a strong beat and pace accompanied by brilliant vocals, it is well worth a listening I don't usually listen to this type of music but I was pleasentely surprised by it. It's very catchy and will have you all singing along and dancing. After hearing this, I'm actually surprised that "Bitter Too" hasn't had more are play and that My Passion isn't an instantly recognisibly name.

"Tomorrow Girls" is an equally pleasant song although some how not as appealing as the previous track. At points it reminds my of The Cure and Placebo, but I don't actually think the band are trying to sound like them.

This is a limited edition release so it's well worth getting hold of it while you can.