Elektradog fails to spark interest

Mark Bruce is man obsessed with the 80s. This is a demo so overridden with synths and FX that, most of the time, it would put prog masters to shame. Songs are endless and they become samey rather quickly. Only a few tracks make it worth the effort of listening, and a serious lack of bite makes it very boring.

But, enough of the generalisations. First track, 'World of Pain' brings echoes of Girls Aloud. Sadly, unlike them this effort is nowhere near as polished or snappy. It's a funky little number in comparison to 'Mind Over Matter' though. The cringeworthy mix of meandering layering and hippy ideology is shocking a perfect example of too many synths spoiling the overall effect whilst it goes in never-ending circles.

'Laser Light' carries on where 'Mind Over Matter' leaves off; it could qualify as a cure for insomnia at times. The bizarre lyrics sound druggy for sure and, if you're not on something yourself, four minutes of singing about pretty colours is too much to take.

In the case of 'Photographic Memory', the words overshadow a cool tune, making an otherwise good song somewhat overdone and lacking. Somehow the topic of having a photographic memory doesn't quite seem to fit the rest of it it could so easily be a dancefloor filler with a bit more effort. 'Silver Chrome Machine' simply apes 'Mind Over Matter' and is best left well alone.

Having said that, a few songs stand out. 'You're Gonna Fall' and 'Drive' save the whole thing from being a washout. The pounding, dancey tune of 'You're Gonna Fall' could easily be found in those swanky, exclusive clubs that celebs frequent whilst 'Drive' lives up to its name.

It's a track that's by far and away one of the best on the album; for once the buzzy synths that permeate the whole album fit with the lyrics and this would go down a storm in a club. It faces stiff competition from 'All Nothing 2 U', another stomping track that manages not to be wishy washy but rather dark and sinister.

The fact that Bruce can produce decent material makes it all the more frustrating. This may only be a demo, but particularly for the genre of music that he's made, it just isn't polished or sparky enough. Apart from a few potential crowd pleasers, it's one collection of songs that's just not up to scratch.