More of the same

I could write this review with four words, more of the same. If you love or hate the Darkness, this latest single ain't moving you from either camp.

'Girlfriend' launches into action with an intro which sounds more than a little like Status Quo, 'Rockin' All Over The World' flashes through the brain within seconds of this track beginning.

As songs go it's fairly unremarkable. The chorus is catchy enough and the track bounces along in a way that makes it hard not to enjoy. The breakdown and guitar solo are interesting enough to ensure that 'Girlfriend' ticks all the right boxes and passes the "is this a decent Darkness single?" test.

Doubtless a live favourite that has those that are so inclined, pogoing away to their heart's content. For this reason it's a good choice to see the band take their first steps in the world of the remix. A number of dance versions of this track are available across the various formats for this single, Space Cowboy and Freelance Hell Raiser are two note worthy names of those creating their own interpretations of this track.

'Girlfriend' doesn't appear to be getting the same sort of radio support that some of it's predecessors have enjoyed. It seems some are tiring of the Darkness, something which is understandable. That said 'Girlfriend' is a perfectly harmless and inoffensive offering, and one which does have the ability to get stuck in your head like it or not, and anything that reminds me of the Quo is fine by me.