Very Good Indeed

The Futureheads are really establishing themselves now as a band of their own merit with new single 'Skip To The End.' Yes, everyone loved 'Hounds of Love' because their reworking was truly something quite sensational, but it was a cover of a Kate Bush song and the band didn't really follow it up with anything special enough to match it, of their own voice.

Now they have, this new single is ace. Coming in with a riff worthy of Angus Young's axe and a chorus that not even amnesia can dispel from your brain, The Futureheads have cracked it and are writing themselves into the mid-decade music history of the early noughties.

You'll be hearing it everywhere, and quite rightly so, easily one of the best songs to have been released from their catalogue yet and probably the best of their own pen. To skip to the end in true Spaced fashion, good, very good.