Hitting The Rooftops

"The thing about Lostprophets," says the band's frontman, Ian Watkins, "is that we're not a flash in the pan. We've built this thing so that it grows steadily, level by level. We haven't overexposed ourselves or gone for the quick reward. We've built up a fan base that won't forget who we are just because we've gone away to record a new album. Since we first started getting noticed there have been tons of British bands that were lauded and spoken of as being the next big thing. Almost all of them have disappeared."

Well the Lostprophets return to us with a brand new single 'Rooftops' off their forthcoming third album 'Liberation Transmission', ready for release on June 26th. 'Rooftops' is set to become a classic track, and one that should bring them to the attention of an even wider crowd. The up-tempo raw edge of the Lostprophets is still there but it is worked into a wonderful sound. There are enough hooks in this track to snare a whale, it is a fantastic song from the welsh boys.

If you loved the Lostprophets before, you will be overwhelmed by them now; as they have grown their music has grown bigger with them. The big time beckons, but that is because they have put in the hard work first and producing brilliant tracks like 'Rooftops' is testament to that. This is a great taster of what is to follow on the album and I can't wait!