Aspired to but not reached

Taken from their recent 'Kill Your Own' album that saw a return to form from Hundred Reasons, 'The Perfect Gift' is a slight departure that only goes part way to convincing those that aren't die hard fans that HR still have plenty to offer.

It does have the trademark 'big' chorus but I maintain the view I've held since first hearing it played live on last years Barfly tour, 'The Perfect Gift' just lacks the raw edge that would make it a great song. In it's defence the chorus really does grow on you but it's let down somewhat by the verse, which is a tad weak by comparison. As a stand alone track it's ok but they can and have produced far better, however when you put it in the context of the album it slots in well and breaks up the more lively numbers perfectly.

After the battering HR took on the 'Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge' album you could forgive them for sticking to very familiar territory and to a certain extent they have done, all the usual HR elements are in place. That said I think 'The Perfect Gift' is a brave choice for a single, yes it may have slightly wider commercial appeal but for a band who really needed to reassert themselves and their credibility amongst the older fans this is not the best song to illustrate the strength of the new material.

Hundred Reasons are back where they should be though and anyone that saw their triumphant performance at this years Download festival will have no doubt that there is plenty of life left in them yet.