A Firm Follow-up Album

"Rest Inside The Flames" sees the welcome return of 36 Crazyfists, following the theme set on 2004's "A Snow Capped Romance" this album looks beyond negativity and emphasizes the positive. 36 Crazyfists take a heavier approach on this album, to reflect what they are like in concert.

Opening track 'I'll Go Until My Heart Stops' is exactly what we have come to expect from the boys, pure energy, creative drum and guitar work backed up by Brock Lindow's distinctive vocals, a great starting point for "Rest Inside The Flames", "The Great Descent" really shows the bands musical progression. Restraint is shown throughout, starting off gracefully before erupting into several brief but structured outbursts of hard-hitting sound. 'Aurora' is probably the catchiest song on the album, Brock's signature clean vocals are present throughout the majority of the track and the chorus seems to have a pop quality about it that immediately gets stuck in your head.

'Aurora' along with 'On Any Given Night' shows off the band's newfound melodic approach. This release also sees guest appearances from Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones, who was fulfilling an old promise to collaborate with the band, on 'Elysium' and Only Living Witness singer Jonah Jenkins on 'We Cannot Die'.

Alaska's finest export 36 Crazyfists are bound to turn a few heads with this album, and are guaranteed to gain themselves some new fans.