Like Yeah Yeah Yeahs... and then some! Get your groove on to The Noisettes

You'd be forgiven for thinking this is Yeah Yeah Yeahs when you initially hear the opening sequence of The Noisettes' 'Scratch Your Name', but as it advances to the chorus you realise it's something quite different, in a very similar way. There's more soul to this Karen O's merry troupe, the music gets very rock and reminiscent of Wolfmother for a minute, then it goes top of the pops as the hook is recited "Scratch your name into the fabric of this world."

This is the cool rock spirit of the movement from the States without the pretentious arty bits; it's pure, unadulterated get-up-there-and-give-it-all groovy stuff. It may seem a bit too late, and it may be a bit too late, for this kind of thing to be breaking, but when something's as raucous and raw and dedicated to making an impact as this, then who cares for scenes? Worth keeping an eye and an ear out for...