Underoath - Define The Great Line

If one band was to be on top of the world right now it should be Underoath. After the success of their breakthrough record, 2004's They're Only Chasing Safety, the momentum is set to continue with this much anticipated release Define The Great Line. What is even more exciting in the recruitment of Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz (Johnny Truant, All That Remains, Unearth) lending his skills in the production chair along with second producer Matt Goldman

Opening with the rip-roaring 'In Regards To Myself' this shows Underoath going all guns blazing with singer Spencer Chamberlain in top form with his wiry unforgiving vocals charging through. One can make the observation that the band partly sounds like New York noiseniks Every Time I Die in this track, due to the highly charged guitarwork from six stringers Tim McTague and James Smith.

The continuing formula of Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie sharing the vocals still works well in this album. Though Gillespie's melodic harmonies add diversity to the album Chamberlain seems to be the more dominant force on this album.

With this record, Underoath almost seem to have come back to their roots, Songs like 'A Moment Suspended In Time', 'You're Ever So Inviting' and 'Returning Empty Handed' are almost reminiscent of the band's cult release The Changing Of The Times with its slabs of controlled aggression and almost pure screamo.

The more experimental side of the band which had only previously flirted with before in earlier records is greatly received. The use of e-bows and various delay effects are used throughout to create mind blowing textures The instrumental track 'Salamarnir' shows keyboardist Christopher Dudley in his element by creating an ambient yet haunting interlude in the masterpiece.

But for certain the stand out track on Define The Great Line, is the epic 'Writing On The Walls' this is almost classic Underoath and sums what they are all about. This certainly has the potential to be a fan favourite in the near future.

Define The Great Line is perhaps one the most progressive releases this year and shows Underoath at their most mature. This album has melody, tunes to rock out to and exhibits amazing musicianship from a truly exceptional band.