With a little help

It's been quite a year for Scottish quartet The Hedrons, impressive performances at Download, T in the Park and Guilfest and a heavy touring schedule have all helped to create quite a stir around the band. 'Be My Friend' is their debut release and is available as a download and limited edition seven inch vinyl.

'Be My Friend' is an instantly catchy upbeat track that hits you full on with big guitars and a great chorus. Coupled with Tippi's infectious vocals and a solid rhythm section there's plenty to like here. Coming in at just under three minutes it's a great rocking track delivered with oodles of punk attitude and is a perfect taster for their forthcoming album. Although not originally composed as such it's often introduced live as a nod to the bands Myspace community, which has seen them get a healthy following already and they are surely going to win plenty more people over on the back of this release.

The Hedrons have put plenty of work in this year and the release of 'Be My Friend' should see them starting to reap the rewards. An exceedingly promising start and from what we've heard so far there's plenty more to come.