Don't miss out on it.

I love Broken Social Scene, I love the fact they're providing the soundtrack to a very strange juncture in my life, I love the fact that I was sent the whole album only to review one single on it; I've practically listened to nothing else since it arrived, walking home in the wee hours with it blasting in my headphones, putting it on at work when it all becomes a little too stressful, and whacking the volume up when it's on at a party. Yes , you can say they've a place in my heart and my head now and they've become extremely seminal.

Gosh, this is a very personal review, but the band possess that rare ability to connect with you on that level, whilst being immensely enjoyable. 'Fire Eye'd Boy' is the perfect follow-up to the extraordinary '7/4 (Shoreline)', it blends the quirkiness of the Arcade Fire with the pop sensibility of Peter Bjorn and John and it forces you to tap your foot if you're somewhere where being overt is disallowed, or go full-on mental in a dancing fit if you can... Go get it, don't delay, a Hi-Fi without Broken Social Scene is a Hi-Fi that's missing out.