Regaining Fame?

Peter Brame is best known for his role in BBC's 2003 Fame Academy, where he excelled at his Pete Doherty-like on stage performance, but failed to impress when it came down to vocal talent. Finally Peter is in a position to release a single, although it's unlikely his previous dip into the celebrity lifestyle will aid him after such a lengthy silence. 'Wake Up' is a catchy rock tune with brash guitars and straight-up swaggering vocals with the bravado of established rock posers like The Glitterati spilling their intentions to chase some poor female.

B-side 'Waiting For' is a tentative ballad that sees Peter straining his vocal chords to impress upon you his impassioned sentiments. These vocals soar over a chugging acoustic guitar melody, which makes some perfect chord changes allowing the tune to progress in feel. There's clearly something in Peter's writing if this tune is something to go on, but this recording is still so raw that it's unlikely we'll see him climbing the charts yet, especially as the A-side is so cliched.