Death And Misery Never Sounded So Chipper

'Oh Stacey (Look What You've Done!)' drips with characteristic Zutons warmth and charm. Sure, the track may deal with a girl who worried her dad to death and now miserably drinks away her inheritance but when set to a Zuton soundtrack, the five Liverpudlians magically transform the sombre subject into an all sing along dose of saxophone-led funk and rock that endears itself to your ears. Add Dave McCabe's rough and raspy vocals to the equation, then tarnish it with a 60s pop vibe and suddenly it becomes easy to see why The Zutons are rapidly winning over fans where ever they go.

'Oh Stacey (Look What You've Done!)' is Zutons for beginners, providing the signature notes that have come to be expected from the band and which served previous single release 'Valerie' so well. We may have heard it all before, from the darkly menacing tracks set to a summer beat to the chant like sing along but there is still something charmingly appealing about 'Oh Stacey' as its pop tinged formula addictively steers the track. Death and misery never sounded so chipper.