'Left' sounds like Sigur Ros but with English vocals.

Timed to coincide with their performance at the Reading and Leeds festival, Hope Of The States return with 'Left', the title track of their second album.

Hope Of The States were one of many acts who broke through at the same time and owed a lot of their early success in focussing on their strong yet small fanbase but never managed to make much of a major impact. With personal tragedy striking the band around the first albums release, its likely that every further release would see the bands lyrics and tones being scanned for personal input, and whilst this track does have a mournful feel, there is a universal feel to the tone that could be accepted by all, and not just those who follow the band.

Its quite anthemic, the track certainly builds and provides a hearty singalong but not in the manner that Embrace or Snow Patrol would callously rush for the chorus to gain airplay. Instead, the song gradually draws the listener in, the softer parts welcoming being the calm before the storm.

The verses plough along more like a Sigur Ros track with English lyrics as there is a lot of pleasant tinkling and soft backing sounds before the build for the chorus begins. Those who marvelled at the theme tune to the BBC's Planet Earth may find that 'Left' fills many of the same sonic requirements but allows some sing-along joy as well.

If it gets the coverage there isn't any reason why Hope Of The States couldn't gain a lot of attention and more fans but its more likely it will be passed over and the band will remain cherished by a small, select few.