Hardcore Holocaust

Indianapolis noise merchants Phoenix Bodies describe their music thus; "Sounds like a garbage truck falling from the Empire State building". That's probably the most accurate description I've heard in a long time!

Beginning with a wail of feedback, it isn't long before opening title track "Raise the Bullshit Flag" explodes into a wall of noise and the full effect of Phoenix Bodies is realised. Hard, fast and intense, they intersperse brief moments of clarity with all out thrashing guitars and drums. The vocals veer between shouting and screaming but they work against this kind of musical backing.

Once the album starts you're strapped in for the duration, there's no let up in pace or energy levels throughout and with 10 tracks ripped through in fifteen minutes I think you get the idea! The influences are pretty clear (Pig Destroyer, Converge, Black Flag) but they do put their own mark on the music, as much as it's possible! If you like a little variety then you're probably going to be disappointed, it all follows a very familiar theme. That said, everyone must have times when you really can't stand any more radio friendly pop, soft rock, emo, or whatever and it's at these times that Phoenix Bodies come to the rescue. There's few better ways of venting frustration than cranking up the volume and just letting rip and to that end 'Raise the Bullshit Flag' will do just fine.

Aggressive, loud, intense and yes, limited at times but there's no pretense that you're ever going to get anything else from Phoenix Bodies. This is full on hardcore and it does exactly what it says on the tin.