A Breezy, Upbeat Star of aTune

'Trains To Brazil' is a happy-go-lucky bright pop song with embellishments of theremin and glassy smooth brass. It doesn't have the quirky kick of some of Guillemots other songs, but it is a rich, sing-a-long number with an impenetrable joy beneath its bouncy drum beat and even a telephone's usually irritating ring becomes a twinkling instrumental addition.

Comparisons with Arcade Fire are impossible to avoid as Fyfe Dangerfield's flowing, spirited words are so reminiscent of the Canadians', although where the former are euphoric, breaking into big crescendos, Guillemots settle for eccentric and playful. 'Trains To Brazil' won't blow you away, but it's a charming, jaunty melody with plenty of breezy gusto.