Sleek Bluesy Rock

Singer-songwriters these days are usually shoegazing acoustic artists longing for some past love, but Karim Fanous is a stark contrast with his creative guitarwork that embraces blues, rock and simple pop to create some tight, irresistable tunes.

'Superbug' is a fast-paced funk number with scat rhythms, and guitars that are so cool they positively melt all over the place. Karim's vocals are rich and soulful, full of swagger and attitude that oozes from the disk.

The a-side, 'Perfume', nestled between two b-sides, is a minimalist soulful number reflecting on Patrick Suskind's dark story of murder and obsession, Karim gives the tale a new lease of life with his buoyant rock guitar and smooth vocals, murder has simply never been so cool and effortlessly endearing.

'Sometimes' is a passionate tale of lingering regret with violins stirring in the background; a lilting ballad, it's the perfect contrast to its rocked-up companions, but equally impressive.