Download single from New York duo

New York's Holy Hail release a download only single entitled 'County Fair (Part Two)' which one review describes as "the insistent call to dance of Glass Candy and the wiry guitar flicks of the B52s", something I think fails to do this band justice, as it is actually much more bearable than that description would suggest. There is a small touch of the B52s to some of the vocals, particularly the male part. Yet there is also a freshness to this disco and guitars mix that makes Holy Hail like a more friendly and less theatrical Scissor Sisters.

The use of piano and a thumping rhythm propel the song forward at a high speed, making this song perfect for its obvious aim of danceable neo-disco. The joint vocals work well and give the song a smoothness and help it to avoid repetition. This is a highly infectious song one, which will doubtless leave any listeners unable to resist moving their feet and bodies in time.

With a debut album recorded and due for release and a successful UK tour under their sparkling belts, I expect to hear more from Holy Hail soon, until then save a spot for them on a glam dancefloor near you.