Attention Seeking

No this is not a cover of the Queen track 'Bicycle Race' though my ears are wishing that it were. Instead what we have here is two minutes of Be Your Own Pet screaming and shouting about causing some sort of havoc on a BMX. Not that you really care though, like pretty much everything else BYOP have forced on us it's power pop though minus any real charm. Feeling raw and gritty like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs it's missing that really quirky and attractive quality which caused such an outpouring of love for the YYYs 3 years ago. Front lady Jemima Pearl is full of youthful exuberance but her act feels like a child having a temper tantrum rather than anything that might stir up real interest in the music industry.

The emo-angst crowd are going to love this bratty rock pop style but for those of us demanding more subtlety and intellect it's definitely two minutes too long of attention seeking noise.