Uniting The People

'Waiting On The World To Change' is a the first single to be released from John Mayer's third album, and as such it's a sweet, soulful taster of things to come with a laidback backing track behind Mayer's politicised vocals. Blues guitars sob, while a mix of percussive handclaps and glockenspiel chimes engages the audience with the loping rhythm. It has to be said that there's a dichotomy between the seemingly rallying lyrics, "We keep on waiting on the world to change" and the lazy tune, but then you remember that we're merely waiting for the world to change, rather than making it so and this is the perfect warm, friendly number to unite people; if a tad sickly by the end. Mayer might not be actively changing the world, but this rich song is a great one to while by the hours to.