That yoke isn't funny anymore

After a two year hiatus in which they won an Ivor Novello (for their contribution to Wolfman's 'For Lovers'), made a programme for Channel 4 about spiritual enlightenment and wrote the theme tune to 'At Home With The Braithwaites', electronic funk kings The Egg finally return with a new single. Sadly 'Nothing' recalls one of Electronic's less inspired moments in its rather clumsy attempts to meld together euphoric house with effects laden guitars. An anaemic vocal doesn't really help matters and for all we know Ned Scott could be reciting a shopping list as opposed to a tale of "playing it cool with a girl when really wanting to profess (his) feelings" for all the emotion he puts into his performance. Perversely enough nominal B-side 'Forwards' is infinitely better, an uplifting blend of swooshy synths and driving guitars that recalls the dream pop of Slowdive after a couple of vodka and Red Bull's. It's a mystery as to why this didn't get the nod as the lead track.