Tales Of Drunken Nights With A Catchy Beat

Over the last year The Zutons have had us all singing along relentlessly to 'Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?', they've lodged the infectiously catchy 'Valerie' in our heads and then doused the airwaves with 'Oh, Stacey, Look What You've Done', a song that blended misery to a pop tinged beat. So, what do the Liverpudlians have left up their sleeves then to cap off the year? Well, what else but a track that has the band adopt a rougher stance, easing off the 60s pop vibe they do so well and throwing in their lot with tales of drunken nights and the inevitable repenting that follows the morning after.

Fast and gritty, 'It's The Little Things We Do' melds The Zutons' characteristic catchy beats and wittingly enticing lyrics against a guitar led backdrop that benefits even more so from Dave McCabe's soulfully raw and raspy vocals, adding to remorseful tone of the song. Ultimately, this is a classic Zutons' track; catchy and laced in beats that will your feet tapping along before you realise. It won't tell you anything you don't already know about the band but may just have you parting with your money for their album.