Generic Shoegazing With Added Echoes

I have to admit that I don't mind Keane, their greatest fault is perhaps the hype surrounding them and a label that is jumping to market them as one of the big boys; natty USB player single releases and live concert recordings are being favoured over helping the band to create a unique style that they're comfortable with. And it doesn't do them any favours that Island are U2's label and those echoing synths are reminiscent of Edge's epic guitar chords, having said this, 'Nothing In My Way' is a haunting ballad that ebbs and flows in a soothing coffee-table music fashion, offering the big boys little threat.

It's a simple, delicate tune that meanders happily along in a glassy still state devoid of much emotional change but pretty much fails to engage the passing listener, which is a shame as Keane are getting such a lot of stick from the rock world anyway. What Keane need in their Iron Sea is a magnet, or a fabulous musical hook to stop the distant ballads from merely washing over the listeners.