Hundred Reasons in ballad mode.

The new single from Hundred Reasons opens with a quieter tune, very much in the vein of old school track Falter, but although it's reasonably catchy and has sing along moments the tune is nowhere near as anthemic as you would expect from them. 'The Chance' is one of the weaker tracks from their recent album and never really gets going, lacking the power that they need to get them back on track after a hard couple of years.

'Live Fast, Die Ugly', track two, is a much more heavy, full on affair, Hundred Reasons letting rip and in full swing. It reminds you of the reasons why they became so popular in the first place. Overall though, although the single is undoubtedly them, it's like they're playing by numbers, and neither track is particularly memorable. It feels as if they haven't moved on enough in recent years to stay ahead of the competition.