Catch it if you can.

The massive LostProphets release another single. Do they really need to? They could probably live on the proceeds of the others for the rest of time. Anyway, regardless, it's always good to see a home grown band doing so well. This is another corker from album 'Liberation Transmission', how do they keep on producing such excellent tunes? They seem to be back on form with their last couple of releases and although this single isn't the best thing they've ever done its still head and shoulders above the competition.

'Can't Catch Tomorrow' is all catchy, hook laden and bouncy, with a chorus that will follow you around in your head for the rest of your life. Although this single is miles away from their heavier, roots, they still retain their fan base because even though they're now basically a pop band, they do what they do so well it feels like they invented it.