An Attack Of Humour, Fun, Music And Surprise

Few bands could get away with calling one of their releases 'Crap Attack', but then We Are Scientists aren't really like any other band. Weird, wacky and bringing a fist full of fun to the all too serious music scene, W.A.S have been like a breath of fresh air with their infectious hits and hilarious videos proving that music doesn't always have to be one dimensional and solemn.

Indeed, it is this mentality that seeps through their latest release, a collection of rarities, b sides and covers that come with the added bonus of a DVD jam packed with videos for all 12 tracks from their debut album as well as live footage from this year's gig at Shepherd's Bush. On the CD side, 'Crap Attack' is a nice little filler to please fans before the New York three piece return with their follow up album. Taken from 'With Love And Squalor', tracks such as 'The Great Escape' and 'Textbook' are given a new lease of life and perspective as W.A.S strip them down to the bare minimum, revealing a vulnerability to the songs that their catchy pop beats originally masked. In addition to these we are treated to some unreleased W.A.S tracks, most of which adhere to their tried and tested formula of edgy punk riffs and irresistible beats that can't fail to get your feet tapping along, a method used to perfection on 'Ram It Home'. In the end though it is W.A.S' choice of covers that throw up the surprises of the album, revealing a mature sensitive side to the band and offering hidden gems that will amaze and astonish. From the heart ache of 'Be My Baby' to the psycheldia of Art Brut's 'Bang Bang Rock and Roll', 'Crap Attack' truly proves that there is more to the New York outfit then comedy, a fact that the mesmerizing cover of Sigur Ros' 'Hoppipolla' firmly brings to light. The sheer simplicity mixed with the aching melancholy of the track is worth the price of the album alone. It is both amazing and inspiring and will change your perception entirely about everyone's favourite fun loving band.

On the DVD front W.A.S return to their carefree fun ways, delivering an accolade of hilarious videos which include a wedding singer spoof for 'Cash Cow' and even promos where all three stand unflinchingly still for the entirety of the song, remarkably making for an intriguingly comical watch that delivers perfectly the natural absurd humour of the self proclaimed 'Scientists'. As if this wasn't enough, they have also thrown in footage of the band's live gig at Shepherd's Bush that reveals the energy and enthusiasm these guys deliver on stage with the added bonus of their onstage banter, something many people actually attend their shows for! Still not convinced? Then simply flick on the DVD commentary and you are treated to the dry, droll humour of the band as they talk you through the gig, commenting on everything from their clothes to their bodies, even revealing the added benefits of using a Stairmaster. Sound weirdly intriguing? Well that's W.A.S all over.

If you need something to give you a W.A.S fix before the trio return with their new material, then 'Crap Attack' should give you the perfect hit. It's perhaps a collection that is best suited to those who already love the band, who understand their crazy humour and will appreciate their music all the more for it. For those not yet enthralled by W.A.S, 'With Love And Squalor' maybe a safer bet, 'Crap Attack' in the end is only for those already smitten with the New York screwballs.