Smooth and shapely melancholy.

'Omaha' is the third single release from Minnesota-based Tapes 'n Tapes, being taken, like its predecessors, from the band's debut album 'The Loon'. Unlike many of the band's offerings, 'Omaha' is a downbeat, calming song, beginning with a soft keyboard melody surrounded by a strong but not-too-intrusive drum loop. Band member Josh's vocals are underplayed yet emotional, adding to the track's soothing yet melancholic feel. 'Omaha' progresses in this manner for three minutes, before steadily but smoothly fading out.

It is not a track that will grab everyone instantly or shake up your mood in an obvious way, but after a couple of listens it is impossible to deny the sheer genius of Tapes 'n Tapes and the masterful way in which 'Omaha' has been produced. Although its brilliance is not instantly "in your face", the track will calm the mind, open it to new things and encourage you to listen to Tapes 'n Tapes album if you haven't already.