Good solid hardcore

Underoath blast in with a catchy little tune that has one foot in the 'In Flames' camp and the other in the 'Killswitch Engage' camp. There's lots of shouting and some nice melodic bits woven together by a backing of harsh guitars and pounding drums.

No folks it's not one for a christening but it is one if you fancy a one man mosh on the way to work; this punchy tune will have you contemplating said mosh if it's on your mp3 player and you're standing on a train platform.
Underoath are Christian hardcore but don't let that put you off, to be honest I didn't know they were a Christian band until I read their website because this song rocks with anger. 'In Regards to Myself' is the opener from Underoath's forthcoming album and is a well crafted slice of hardcore with the clean vocal parts quite nicely slotted inbetween the shouty bits; in particular there's a great vocal harmony at the 2 minute mark and if they had carried this on a little longer it would have made the song even better, as it is it's a good solid slab of metal that bodes well for when the album 'Define the Great Line' is released in the New Year; after all this is only one song so hopefully the album builds on this solid foundation and unfolds into a great album, only time will tell, hopefully the full album will land on my desk in a couple of months.