Harpies, possibly better than herpes...

Angry, female-led, grindcore band Harpies start of this double A-side with 'Echoes', a song that starts off gently leading you away from your comfort zone until you are all alone. It is only when you hear the pounding drums in the background like a soundtrack to a sacrifice that you begin to wonder whether the soothing vocals and guitar playing is perhaps that wolf dressed up as grandma. Before you can do anything the guitars fire into action and the vocals scream out your destiny as many hands grab at you and lead you to your final resting place. Described as a band that "if Slipknot heard Harpies they would fuck off back to America with their tails between their legs," it's a great accolade, and one that I would not disagree with.

Second song, 'Favour This' makes no apologies from the start and kicks in with ferocious guitars and screaming vocals. There is insane drumming and deep chugging guitar riffs that sound a little like stoner rock on speed. The lead singer has such a sweet name in Nicky Honey, but boy, how far from the truth can you get!

Harpies are not for the faint hearted, nor are they for children, the aged, pregnant women or anyone who is scared easily, in fact I'm a little unsure who the hell Harpies are for, but write them off at your peril! I'm off to find my mum.