Mix it up.

Fusing stoner rock down-tuned riffs, alt-rock quirks and a catchy pop sensibility that makes them supremely listenable, I Killed Pharaoh have a sound that borrows from many places but still manages to be all their own creation. They mix up a heavy, prog-edged sound with hooks and catchy tunes; smooth yet fuzzy and jagged at the same time, they manage to cross boundaries but bring everything together in a really satisfying way.

'Home', the catchiest tune and the title track of the 'Home EP' has a touch of Biffy Clyro in its opening riffs; it's all alt-rock quirkiness, but to counteract this edge the vocals are a silky and epic rock croon. 'King Hell Breakthrough' has classic rock guitar riffs and 'The Blame' brings things right up to date with an off kilter tune and metal chugs. For fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Tool and Biffy Clyro. Excellent stuff.