Girl Rock With A Hook

Grinding, distorted guitars, a bass line that drives to the core and vocals that ooze sleazy rock and disgruntled discontent somehow find themselves melding with an enticing tune that can't fail to get under your skin as Glasgow's all girl rock outfit, The Hedrons release their third single, 'Heatseeker'. Part rock sleaze, part upbeat pop, 'Heatseeker' playfully wheedles its way through being a full blown girl rock track to touting a pop tinged hail of shouty "Uh Ohs" amongst its catchy choruses as the Glasgow lasses provide the ideal tonic for pre teen girls the length and breath of the country.

Although perhaps not the track to change your life, 'Heatseeker' instead offers a pleasant heady mix of rock and pop to alleviate any pesky post holiday hangovers that may still be lingering and lull you into the new year with ease and just a little handy pinch of rock.